Housing Data Lake

The ‘Waikato Regional Housing Initiative – 2018 Housing Stocktake’ report consolidated different data points with regards to existing housing, future demand, future supply, housing quality, housing affordability, rentals, social housing, accessibility, and the housing continuum etc. The objective of the report was to provide increased visibility of housing need in the region. Planning for population growth was identified as a priority area for the Waikato Plan and is one of the key drivers for housing need. A key output of the report was the one-page infographic shown below.

A key action of the Waikato Housing Initiative is the creation of a housing dashboard that clearly articulates housing need in the region dealing with these key elements:

  • Housing shortages / surpluses (population projections- demand & land supply)
  • Healthy homes (dampness, mould etc)
  • Social housing
  • Affordable housing (pipeline, renting, ownership)
  • Accessible homes

Taking an evidence-based approach to decision making from a common platform will assist the region in planning and advocacy roles.

Housing Data Lake Working Group

  • Lui Brame - Nifa Limited and WHI Interim Executive Officer