Rental prices on the rise as demand outstrips supply

By Waikato Times 

It's definitely getting tougher for renters!

This article highlights the latest figures for Hamilton where rents are rising by $20 per week, demand is also on the rise (by 3%) and number of listings for available listings on Trademe dropped by 21% for the city.

And no better for the Waikato region as a whole; here rents rose by $25 per week to now match the city's median average rent of $550 per week, demand rose by 2% and number of listings dropped by 15%.

That's a sure recipe for continued upwards pressure on rents in the immediate future, in the city and especially across the region where median household incomes tend to be lower than in the city.

The WHI continues to advocate for new additional supply of affordable homes, to buy or to rent with security of tenure, and the new initiatives of BTR (build-to-rent) or rent-to-buy and other forms of shared equity/progressive home ownership are an important examples of that.