Major changes to Hamilton planning rules on the cards for 2024

By Hamilton City Council

"Big shout out to Hamilton City Council who have now also announced their intention to progress with the notification of Inclusionary Zoning (IZ) as an important new lever to promote new retained affordability housing options.  It is a powerful response to the housing affordability crises that has seen median household prices in the city rise to around $750,000 to $800,000 representing a multiple of 7 times the median household income in Hamilton -severely unaffordable for most households.

 IZ is not the only solution or system change required to fix a broken housing system - but Queenstown has shown the way in New Zealand with 138 homes already completed and another 126 currently in the design or build stage, yielded from their use of the principles of IZ with new developments there.

 WHI is pleased to see this move by Hamilton City Council including adopting the IZ district plan chapter commissioned by WHI as their starting point for a plan change; much work remains to be done to get to the notification stage but as is often the case, the first step in a new journey is often the greatest one".