Housing affordability unlikely to return to pre-COVID-19 levels - BNZ

By Newshub

Another angle on the same issue of affordability - ultimately drawing the same conclusion that we are back on the same trajectory of worsening housing affordability as the housing market appears to have bottomed out.

It's difficult to agree with these forecasts when all the experts and economists line up the same way.... except the all have a core assumption that we all as communities, local and central government, are simply observers. We are not - there are systemic changes that can be implemented now, settings changed and incentives for developments that include integrated affordability that can be offered without the need for legislative change.

And we must do so. That's the work WHI advocates for, and with continued pressure and support from our communities for all of those involved in the housing continuum to make affordability the priority is crucial. It is possible to change the trajectory, but only by acting, not merely observing.