Housing affordability 'may be as good as it gets'

By Stuff NZ

As good as it gets is not good enough!

These comments from CoreLogic today underline the need for interventions that cause a systemic change to the housing continuum. The point is well made that given current drivers of house prices (and this is before a wave of incoming migration hits in full), current settings, rules and regulations will not deliver any different outcomes than we are already seeing.Without intervention, affordability will not be delivered and the housing crises will deepen.

Rent-to-buy and other forms of shared equity and progressive homeownership models, build-to-rent schemes, more permissive papakainga and other co-housing rules from councils, Inclusionary Zoning and release of unused council and crown land for housing purposes, and new leasehold options that guarantee security of tenure are all initiatives that must be progressed with urgency now along with overall general supply of state and private market stock.