Affordable Housing
Research & Publications

Contribution of Rental Affordability to Child Poverty

Child Poverty Action  Group - Greg Waite - August 2023

Everyone deserves a warm, safe, dry home.  For too long politicians have taken a hands-off approach to the housing market and as a result Aotearoa New Zealand is the least affordable place to rent in the OECD contributing to unacceptable child poverty rates.  In addition our population is growing faster than the share of affordable homes.  An important first step in addressing the shortfall in affordable housing stock is measuring and monitoring the supply over time.  This series of papers provides new analysis of rental housing affordability to provide a more complete picture of today’s private rental market.

What drives rents NZ - National & Region Analysis

Housing Technical Working Group / Ministry of Housing and Urban Development / Reserve Bank of New Zealand & The Treasury - August 2023

This analysis provides an assessment of the key drivers of rents over the last 20 years. The assessment shows that wage rises and the relative supply and demand of homes were the two key drivers of rents at both the national and regional level.

Ministry of Housing and Urban Development Housing Dashboard 

An interactive Government Housing Dashboard is now available and updated to August 2021, creating a single source of easily accessible information about housing across Aotearoa New Zealand.

Te Tai Waiora: Wellbeing in Aotearoa New Zealand 2022

The Treasury - November 2022

At its core, economics is about choice. What do we value? How do we choose between competing priorities? How do we balance the needs of different groups? How do we balance the needs of current and future generations? The purpose of Te Tai Waiora: Wellbeing in Aotearoa New Zealand 2022 is to inform those choices.

Affordable Housing through Inclusionary Zoning - Case of Auckland

Thesis by Ravi Teja Ayyagari, University of Waikato - 2018

Evaluating Auckland Council’s approach in revoking the provisions of inclusionary zoning from the Auckland Unitary Plan that sought to secure affordable housing.

Local Government and Affordable Housing
CRESA / Public Policy & Research Report - August 2007
Exploring the current role of local government in affordable housing, the potential for optimising local government’s role and activities in facilitating affordable housing, and the barriers and challenges councils face in making home ownership and rental housing more affordable in their areas. 

The Role of Local Government in the Provision of Affordable Housing
MDL Report - January 2004
Local government has a very important role in relation to social housing; that of identifying the community’s desired housing outcomes, who should be responsible for delivering those outcomes, and the role that the local authority itself should take (either as a provider or in endeavouring to ensure that others deliver the outcomes the community seeks).