When the roof over your head disappears

"It’s not easy raising a family when your address keeps changing. Every time you move house, the kids change schools. That means new teachers. New friends. New sports teams. New neighbours. Then the whanau wonders how long it’ll be until we need to move again.

"It’s a constant pressure, and it's hard to grow when you’re unsettled. We’d change things if we could, but we can’t afford to. So we battle on."

Housing in the Waikato

Everyday New Zealanders are struggling to find homes to rent and homes to own

Even when houses do become available, only 15% of Waikato families can afford to buy in. That’s not good enough, especially when 25% of these homes are damp and 20% have mould.

Our people cannot thrive when this fundamental need is lacking

The stocktake revealed the Waikato region is currently 7,500 houses short and will require 75,000 more homes built by 2043 to meet the needs of our changing communities.

The Waikato region currently has record consenting numbers by social housing waiting list (2,564 qualified and waiting) and second only to the Auckland region (8,300 qualified and waiting).

Waikato Housing Initiative

The Waikato Housing Initiative is a group of passionate leaders who have a vision to change the current status quo of housing across the region.

This initiative sets out to lead, connect and facilitate the delivery of affordable, quality and accessible homes in the Waikato and is mandated by the Waikato Mayoral forum.

The Waikato Housing Initiative operates through a collective impact model and is committed to upholding Te Tiriti o Waitangi principles.

Our Vision

Every person and every family in the Waikato region is well-housed* living in sustainable, flourishing and connected communities.

*We have included the UN rights to adequate housing entitlements in our definition for ‘well-housed’. ‘Well-housed’ means timely access to habitable, affordable, accessible, culturally appropriate, appropriately located, and with security of tenure housing.

Our Goals

These are our key projects to ensure we meet the needs of our changing population:

  • The Waikato region has a well-functioning housing system
  • Waikato homes are good quality and protect the health and wellbeing of our people
  • The diverse housing needs of Waikato people are met
  • The housing system in the Waikato supports sustainable, resilient and connected communities.

Our Principles

  • People first - housing as a human right
  • Honour Te Tiriti o Waitangi
  • A collective impact approach
  • Leadership through partnerships and advocacy
  • Evidence based decisions
  • Targeted, measurable goals
  • Getting the job done – mahia te mahi

Thinking about getting involved?

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